• Pathfinder Club Registration Form

    Malton Victory Pathfinder Club
  • This form is required for all Pathfinders who wish to be part of the club this year. Please fill out the form completely, and don't forget to hit "Submit" once you are done. We need information from the Pathfinder and the Parents/Guardians.

    Pathfinder Pledge
    By the grace of God, I will be pure, kind and true. I will keep the Pathfinder Law, I will be a servant of God and a friend to man.

    Pathfinder Law
    The Pathfinder Law is for me to: Keep the morning watch, Do my honest part, Care for my body, Keep level eye, Be courteous and obedient, Walk softly in the santurary, Keep a song in my heart, and Go on God's errands.

  • Pathfinder Information

  • Parent/Guardian Information

    In order to make sure that every family is included in club communications, we require the email address and cell phone number of at least one parent/guardian. This form refers to that as the "Preferred Parent/Guardian Contact." There is also an option to include information for a second parent/guardian, which is referred to as "Alternate Parent/Guardian Contact."

  • Pathfinder's Committment

    I would like to join the Malton Victory Pathfinder Club. I will attend club meetings, hikes, and field trips, missionary adventures and other club activities. I agree to be guided by the rules of the club and the Pathfinder Pledge and Law.

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  • Approval by Parents/Guardians

    The applicant is at least 10 years of age or in the 5th grade. We have read the Pathfinder Pledge and Law are willing and desirous that the applicant become a Pathfinder. We will assist the applicant in observing the rules of the Pathfinder organization. In consideration of the benefits derived from membership, we hereby voluntarily waive any claim against the club or the Ontario Conference of Seventh-day Adventists for any accidents which may arise in connection with the activities of the Pathfinder Club.
    As parents/guardians we understand that the Pathfinder Club program is an active one for the applicant. It includes many opportunities for service, adventure, and fun.
    We will cooperate:

    • By learning how we can assist the applicant and their leaders.
    • By encouraging the applicant to take an active part in all activities.
    • By attending events to which parents are invited.
    • By assisting club leaders and by serving as leaders, if called upon.
    • By reinforcing the necessity for paying regular dues or registration fees.
    • By supplying the needed information on the Membership Application and Medical Release form.
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