Malton Seventh-day Adventist® Church

Our History

As we reflect on the past 44 years, we are forced to look back at our journey, and what a journey it has been. God truly has been good. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves. Come with us as we travel back in time to January 1977, to a conversation between Pastor C.S. Green and Bro. Thoywell Kennedy, which led to our first prayer meeting on January 17 at 3204 Victory Cresent – our first Victory. Twenty Six people attended this inaugural event.

During our 18 years of sojourning, we continued to follow the call in worshiping our Lord and Savior. Even though we did not have a church to call our own, the Lord provided places for us to worship every Sabbath.  We moved from Legion Hall to Victory Hall and then to the cafeteria of Darcel Community School in Malton before settling here on Attwell Drive. God also blessed our members with homes that they freely and graciously opened up every Wednesday evening for prayer meeting. Since our membership came not only from Malton, prayer meetings were held in Brampton and Rexdale also. Malton has been blessed with many shepherds. Among them were Pastors C.S. Green, R. Payton, J. Friesen, T. McLeary, B. Sparenberg, C. Newman, A. DeSilva, H. Edwards, M. Coleman, K. Donkor, S. McKenzie, R. Llewellyn, A. King and our current Pastor, Frankie Lazarus. These great men have helped to direct and mold us into the church we have become.

As we reminisce on our past, we would be remiss if we did not look towards our future. We know that this place, this building is not our final home. We still look forward to moving to our ultimate dwelling place, a city where we will never die, where we will never say goodbye to our loved ones, where we will never part again. The sanctuary will have walls of Jasper, the carpets will be of pure Gold, and the heavens, our canopy. Where there will be no need for locks, keys or security systems. Where the lighting will be the radience of Jesus himself, perfectly  illuminating everywhere, day by day.